The Secrets Unveiled: Understanding the Threads App Algorithm

Threads, a new social network launched by Mark Zuckerberg, is experiencing explosive growth with over 70 million registrations. The platform's algorithms are still evolving, displaying posts from both followed and unfamiliar users. To optimise growth on Threads, focus on posting relevant media content and understanding how the algorithms work.

Just this week, Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of a new social network called Threads. It is evident that this platform is comparable to Twitter and is its direct competitor. The explosive growth of this network has been remarkable. Within the first four hours alone, over five million users registered on the platform. It's worth noting that virtually all users at present are real people. Additionally, an interesting fact is that the social network is currently unavailable in European Union countries.

Threads is integrated with Instagram, and registration on the new social network is only possible if you have an Instagram account. Your username in Threads is the same as your username on Instagram. If you change your username on Instagram, the changes will be instantly reflected in Threads as well.

The social network is nearly doubling its number of registered users every day. Today, the creators of Threads announced that their social network has already surpassed 70 million registrations. Interestingly, just yesterday, amusing statistical data circulated on social media platforms Twitter and Threads, claiming that it took ChatGPT five days to reach 1 million registrations, while Threads achieved the first million users in less than 2 hours.

The Threads app is experiencing rapid growth in user signups

The rapid growth of the user base in this social network guarantees significant potential not only for its creators but also for creators who can already build a new audience. To grow your audience on Threads today, it is important to understand how the algorithms of this young social network operate. That is what we will discuss today.

Why do algorithms show you specific posts? Let's figure it out.

In most cases, your feed will show posts that have been published by users you are following. Many people, including the creators of the social network, claim that this is the case. If you are subscribed to a large number of accounts, the proportion of posts published by the accounts you follow will be significantly smaller.

Feed: Your Own and Others

The posts you see in your feed come from both the authors you follow and those you haven't followed yet. If you follow many accounts, you'll see fewer posts from new creators. Conversely, if you follow fewer accounts, Threads algorithms will suggest more posts from new creators.

However, it's important to remember that Threads will still recommend content from unfamiliar users, even if you follow a large number of accounts.

Testing Followings and Patterns in Threads

We conducted tests on different accounts with varying numbers of followings and observed some general patterns. However, it's important to note that these findings are only approximate due to the following reasons:

  • The study was conducted on a small number of accounts.
  • Threads algorithms are still in a stabilising phase.
  • The number of active Threads users is growing every hour.

Therefore, the results should be interpreted with caution as the platform and its algorithms continue to evolve.

It is also important to note that the algorithm is currently in its early stages of development, and it recommends posts from random accounts, those you are not following.

Similar to Instagram, Threads also provides the functionality to block, restrict, or report a profile. This is an important feature for users who want to prevent inappropriate content or spam. Users have the ability to take action against unwanted creators by utilizing these tools.

Additionally, it is worth noting that posts in the feed still do not appear in chronological order. This implies that currently, the timing of post uploads does not have any impact.

Optimising your activities in Threads

To optimise your actions and increase your follower growth, consider the following tips.


The most obvious way at the moment is to subscribe to relevant accounts. In the early stages of any social network, this is an excellent way to gain a higher number of followers. People are currently active on Threads, and many have very few followers. That's why the likelihood of being noticed if you just subscribed is much higher compared to a mature social network.

Follow small accounts

Accounts that follow only a small number of other accounts are more likely to pay attention to you and follow you back in return.

Commenting in big creators threads

Another effective method is to leave relevant comments on threads created by popular accounts. Nowadays, it's common to come across accounts with a large number of followers, but very few comments on their threads. Currently, the engagement rate (ER) is low for many creators. In such cases, there is a high chance that many of the followers of a popular creator will notice you.

Meaningful usernames

It so happens that in everyone's feed, only your username and the actual post text are displayed. When people browse through their feed, they are more likely to pay attention to interesting or meaningful usernames that reflect the essence of what you are writing about. For instance, a username like "mikejohns" may not convey much, whereas a username like "expert_chatgpt" suggests that you are an expert in working with ChatGPT. Additionally, when searching for relevant accounts, a username that speaks directly to the topic is more likely to appear in the search results.

Frequent posting of relevant content

Just like in any other social network, content is king. It's important to post on Threads regularly and with sufficient quantity. Additionally, the quality of the content is crucial. Currently, the algorithms are being trained, and the more content you generate from your account, the higher the chances that you will receive higher rankings in the algorithms' weighting in the near future.

Posting media content

Our initial research has shown that photo or video content tends to attract more attention from people. It appears prominently in the feed, occupying a larger visual space, and the brain tends to respond with greater interest to such visual content. Interestingly, we even noticed that static content, such as photos, performs exceptionally well, even better than videos. Posting infographics, comparison charts, or intriguing information in a visual format are excellent ideas for content creation. It's important to remember that current feeds are somewhat chaotic, and amidst the overwhelming flow of information, your task is to capture the brain's attention. Visual content proves to be very helpful in achieving this goal.

So, we conducted a small study on how the algorithms of the new social network Threads work, compiled a set of recommendations for promoting your account. Thank you for reading, good luck, and may your number of followers grow in the new social network Threads.

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