AI Chatbots for Personalised Customer Journeys

Personalization is the key to building long-lasting relationships with your consumers. According to recent statistics, 23% of customer service companies are currently using AI chatbots, and the number will continue to rise in the next few years. This blog post will explain how the use of artificial intelligence can help businesses to achieve brand loyalty by providing a personalised experience to their clients using AI chatbots. Businesses of all sizes can establish artificial intelligence tools to their website and use a data-driven approach to analyse their clients behaviour and preferences.

YoChats is developing a platform that will allow you to create your own AI operator from your knowledge base in just 30 seconds. This AI customer service operator will help you provide a personalised consumer journey with 24/7 support to your clients. For only $15, you can personalise and automate your customer support process.

Continue reading this blog post, to find out the main benefits business can get by providing a personalised consumer journey and how an AI Chatbot analyses user data and provides tailored recommendations.

Benefits of providing a personalised customer journey using AI chatbots

Before taking a step further to discuss the benefits of using an AI Chatbot to your website or application, it is significant to explain what a personalised customer experience is. Personalisation is the customer experience that provides relevant products or services to the customers, including their interactions with the company to fulfil their needs. Businesses should aim to provide a personalised experience to meet customer’s needs, gaining their trust and building brand loyalty.

In today's fast-paced world, customers expect immediate and accurate replies to their questions. By using a live chat widget with an AI chatbot assistant you can achieve quick and accurate replies with multilingual support.

I would like to mention some of the ways AI chatbots are currently transforming the customer experience. AI chatbots are increasingly used in interactions with customers as they can provide answers to their questions efficiently, analysing data and customer preferences. Also, AI Chatbots are established in marketing and sales, they can provide recommendations to each individual customer based on their purchase history and their browsing, allowing them to experience a smooth consumer journey.

Let’s discuss some of the benefits of a personalised customer journey using AI chatbot further below:

Improved Customer Satisfaction:

Customers enjoy having a smooth customer experience and being able to find the products or the services they are looking for. AI has the ability to utilise data and provide customers with the solutions they need. Moreover, the client enjoys the ability to get an answer outside of office hours and has the option to be assisted in their chosen language that makes the interaction even more positive for them.

The AI Chatbots are not only supporting the client 24/7, they are quick and efficient, saving the client a lot of precious time. Satisfaction also affects brand loyalty positively, meaning that happy and satisfied clients are more likely to return back to your business if they ever need similar services.

Better Data Utilisation:

AI technology has the ability to evaluate data more accurately and faster than a human. This is the reason, it is an advantage to have the ability to collect consumer data and gain access to valuable insights for your business. AI cleans and organises the collected data, selecting the most user relevant data. Then it applies machine learning methods to build recommendation models, AI chatbots are trained on historical data and use customer feedback to provide a personalised experience.

In this way, AI chatbots can analyse a great amount of data to make personalised suggestions to your customers, making your data work for you, improving sales and marketing efforts.

Reduce Card Abandonment:  

A common reason for card abandonment is the lack of a user friendly website, adding an AI chatbot to your website can help you provide a smoother customer journey. YoChats offers a new, innovative way of building AI chatbots. YoChats is faster than any support manager, it can learn from your articles and knowledge base to become your best support agent or sales representative, and be added as a live chat widget on your website.

The use of an AI Chatbot will help your website to provide good customer service. AI chatbots can help customers find what they need and utilise their data to offer upselling or cross-selling. This will not only prevent card abandonment but also will increase revenue. The use of an AI Chatbot will update the customer that they have unpurchased items in their card as a reminder. They can also encourage consumers to use promotional codes and utilise their data to their own preferences resulting in the reduction of card abandonment.


AI Chatbots not only saves time for consumers… but for company’s employers as well! AI Chatbot can easily reply to common questions and complete successfully routine tasks. In this way, it is saving time for human assistants, helping them to focus on more important responsibilities. This efficiency contributes to a smoother experience for consumers, allowing human assistants to achieve more important tasks throughout the day.


AI Chatbot can be used for all businesses no matter their size! Moreover, it can handle and support your business as it grows and assist the customers and their enquiries without harming the quality of its customer service like it would have happened with human assistants.

AI Chatbots secures that high standards of customer care are achieved even during periods of growth. By using AI chatbot to perform and automatise tasks, businesses can use their people to sell more products or services while AI chatbot will collect, analyse and use the data in the best way to allow the company to act on the customer’s preferences and feedback.

Provide a smooth customer experience using AI chatbots today

Part of our vision is to help businesses to provide a personalised experience to their customers by using AI technology helping them to work more efficiently and increase their sales and customer satisfaction.

If you want to establish an AI chatbot, YoChats is the best solution for your website and can be your own assistant trained from your knowledge base. YoChats can boost your marketing and sales performance using data driven decision making to build a stronger relationship with your customers, increase sales and convert more leads.

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